DOB: 5/23/1985

Height: 5'10

Weight: 148lbs

What are you strengths as a rider? Good looks and sense of humor. Followed by my ability to do sweet skids on a fixie. I also manage to cajole Roman into fixing my bike a lot. I see this as an asset.

How did you become interested in cycling? I actually started in triathlon... Basically the Lance Armstrong story but with 2 balls and no needles.

What do you focus on and enjoy doing off the bike? Off the bike, I use my insane cardiovascular fitness to be really competitive at asinine things such as ping pong, downhill skiing, backpacking, or just carrying groceries. If you take more than one trip up to the house, you are the equivalent of a cat 3 crit racer. I can carry 5.6 groceries/ kilo. Cycling has generally made me over-confident, and I assume I will be good at everything until proven otherwise. For example, speed skating. I wear spandex all the time, albeit without the hood, have abnormally large legs and get endless entertainment from going faster than other people around in a small circle in close quarters. Where are the 2018 Olympics being held? I'll see if they accept day of reg. I hope I win a sweet T-shirt to go with my stash from Velo Promo.

Instagram: @craigfellers