Cal Aggie Crit (E3)

In the Photo: Robert Terra

Report written by Robert.

First of all, the game plan: I was going to sit in and wait for the sprint. Sam and Theo were going to cover moves and help me out at the finish if they could.

Started without a warm up, to prevent myself from making stupid moves in the beginning of the race. The race started fairly mellow, and I just tried to stay near the front. About halfway through I wanted to see what kind of legs I had so I made a move to bridge across to the breakaway. After that Sam covered the counter attack, and it all came back together. Then I sat in some more…it’s starting to sound like I didn't do much, let’s jump to 2 to go.

At 2 to go, I’m sitting at about top 10-15 when I saw the Limitless guys come together for a lead out and then Charlie Valez of Data Driven Athlete attacked and Nate Dunn very quickly started blocking for him. No one really reacted and he got decent sized gap on the rest of us that put him in dangerous territory of winning. The Limitless boys burned all their matches and brought him back on the last lap on the straightaway before the hairpin. About that same time I was able to find Sam Hill’s wheel in the top 10. We went through the hairpin, and on the final straight before the last turn Sam Hill got me to the final turn. At this point we are sitting 1 & 2 into the final turn. I started my sprint earlier than I wanted to, but was able to hold off the field for the win.

Thanks so much to the team work out there, it was a great way to start the season! Videos from race below: