Seaside Bay View CR #1 (E4)

Photo credit: Katie Truong

In the Photo: Michael Kurnik

Report written by Michael.

After weeks of being trapped inside, sweating up a storm on Zwift and wondering whatever happened to ‘sunny California’, the first race day of the season was upon us. Jesse Gibbs and myself went to race the first round of the Central Coast Cycling Road Series just outside of Monterey. The new course was an out and back with two 180 turns on either end, undulating terrain and a punchy uphill sprint about 1000ft from the final 180 turn.

The first race of the day was a bit of a nonevent after Jesse’s pedal broke mid race and I was boxed in for the final sprint. Nevertheless, the legs felt good and after driving to Monterey to buy some new pedals, we were ready to go for the Cat 3 / 4 race.

With the wind picking up and the temperature dropping considerably, the game plan was to sit in as best we can and let the larger San Jose and Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing teams to do the work. A few breaks went away throughout the race but everything was back together for the final lap.

Having been third wheel after the final 180 turn in the first race, I realized it was much better to be further back in the pack for the sprint. I positioned myself on the wheel of the winner from the first race of the day as we rounded the final turn and headed towards the climb. San Jose were leading out but ran out of steam at the base of the climb. I ended in third place after a near vomit worthy sprint, just getting pipped on the line for second. Congratulation to Matthew Tracy-Cook from Bear Development team for taking out both the Cat 4 and 3 / 4 races.

Everybody ended up skipping the podium because it was bloody cold by then and even the CCCX guys were packing up with the final race in progress. Great day overall and very happy to get on the podium on my first race day for TMB Development.