Dash for Cash Crit (E2/3)

In the photo: Travis Keeney

Written by Travis

In a lot of ways 2016 can be summarized by one word - frustration. Frustration that I am the only pure road racer on the Elite Dev team and most road races are stacked combined fields (P/1/2) making it difficult to garner any significant upgrade points, frustration that other teams are able to control me with their numbers, frustration that teammates haven't been able to advance up to 2s due to health issues or other unfortunate events, and most importantly frustration with the speed of advancement of my own fitness as I struggle to balance a corporate job with cycling.

I can acknowledge those frustrations because the tide is shifting. After expressing my frustrations with friends and family, they unanimously encouraged me to take the leap. It sounded crazy, but never have I been able to train the way I know I need to; it's always been ~80-90%... I submitted my resignation letter two weeks ago. My last day will the 17th.

And so it began...

In an off the cuff remark, former TMB Dev teammate Aria Kiani - who is now winning elite races - offered to help me get to the next level. With his help training for just a week along with the support of my girlfriend, I was able to make it onto the podium this weekend. That said, realistically, it was a small 2/3 crit with no organized teams so the true tests are yet to come, but I welcome that adventure.

In a lot of ways, it feels like my season is just starting. In the months to come, I will be training and racing in Hawaii, Oregon, and Pennsylvania before coming back to some of my favorite road races - Dunnigan Hills, Winters, and San Ardo.

...Oh, if you're wondering about the race, a two man break got away with 30 minutes to go. Sam from Specialized did most of the work in the break and definitely deserved the win. I tried bridging with 20 minutes to go... Ended up in no man's land 40 seconds ahead of the peloton and 20 seconds behind the break... Whatever. I'll take it.

Thank you Mike's Bikes, Specialized, Osmo, Probar, Capo, Equator Coffees, Toyota, and Financial Force!!