Modesto Crit (P/1/2)

In the photo: Robert Terra

Written by Robert

I lined up and I was expecting to go for a field sprint. On the second lap I attacked and rode half a lap solo and then four guys bridged the gap and joined me. The group now included Nano Christiansen, Dave Grundman, and Owen Gillet, and one other guy but I never caught his name. They bridged across to me and the five of us rode for about 20 minutes. At that point a pedestrian wandered onto the course causing Dave and the other guy to crash, they weren’t injured but they didn’t rejoin the race. Nano, Owen and I continued to work together for the whole race. Our gap grew and eventually we were seeing the back of the peloton and I knew we were going to lap the field. We ended up in the field for the last 3 laps and I fought for first or second but I quickly realized that because both Nano and Owen had teammates in the group working for them, that would be difficult and I wasn’t willing to risk a crash in the field for first or second. I was really happy with the results of this race and the chance to podium in a p1/2 race.