Burlingame Crit (E3)

In the photo: Travis Mceuen 

Written by Travis

This was my first time racing Burlingame, a fairly technical course with an 180* turn and a sweeper into the sprint. I did my best to do my homework by watching videos from last year. We were represented by 6 team members: Theo, Justin, Ben, Taylor, Jungho, and myself. Penvelo and SunPower were both well represented as well so it was going to come down to team tactics. 

Our plan was to have Ben and Taylor launch/cover attacks and then Justin and I would lead Theo out for the sprint with Jungho playing sweeper attempting to disrupt/call out anyone trying to move up or slot into our train. As soon as the first prime was announced attacks came and Ben did a great job covering and even getting into a break with 3 other guys. I did my best to stay up front and try to disrupt any chase but 2 of the 4 guys (Sunpower and Dolce Vita) weren’t taking the strongest pulls and eventually it came back together. 

A little over halfway through Ben launched another attack after sprinting for a prime and stayed off for a few laps but again everything came back together. It was starting to look like we would end with a pack finish which was what we were hoping for.

With about 3 laps to go, I could see Justin moving his way up to the front while I stayed about 2nd or 3rd wheel up until the last lap. Our plan was to have Justin be the first wheel out of the 180* turn and pull for about 20 seconds which would take us to the last corner before the sweeper where I would pull Theo through the sweeper and he would sprint. 

As we crossed the line to start the last lap I watched Justin move up on my right and I followed as he began to lead the pack with me sitting second wheel. I looked back for Theo as we approached the turn and he was two wheels or so behind me. Justin took a clean line out of the U-turn and started his pull. As we hit the corner for the back stretch I saw Theo had gotten on my wheel and I yelled for Justin to go. He took myself and Theo close to the end of the back straight and I yelled for him to pull off as I took the inside line. Coming out of the turn and into the sweeper I started my pull for Theo but I guess Josh (C360R Cycling Team) had nudged his way onto my wheel I was hoping Theo could come around but couldn’t, I held it to the line with Theo rolling in 4th.

All in all, we had a plan and stuck to the plan up until the last corner. We kept the pace fast on that back stretch to avoid a swarm. We are getting better at working together as a team and really learning to play off each other’s strengths. Shout out to the whole squad that day. Oh and Theo raced the proceeding race and got 2nd!!! I think we are ready for San Rafael…