Red Kite Crit (E2/3)

RKO#5 2.3 Podium Pic.JPG

In the photo: Travis Mceuen

Written by Travis. 

Plan: Ingmar, Travis K, Mikal and Arnaud would be the aggressors in the race and try and force a break. The main person to watch was Robert Skinner as he has solo’d the last 2 RKO’s he has been in. Tom and I would try and stay fresh if it came down to a sprint but if a move happened that we could follow we would go for it.

Race: First half had some attacks but nothing able to stay away. Shout out to Mikal and Ingmar for riding on the front and discouraging attacks. Right at the 30 min mark Robert placed a well-timed attack. I was at the front but had just been brought back from a short move and hadn’t fully recovered. Zane from Gooby followed but after a lap or so got popped. Everyone in the field knew that Robert could hold that effort.

Low and Emmitt from Terun attacked and I attempted to bridge to their move. A lap went by and I was just about to latch on when I see a pack of people coming up (I assumed it was the whole field but was actually a group of 8). We all joined together as a group of 10 or 11 and started working fairly well together. Eventually no one wanted to pull through and we stopped seeing Robert after corners…

Fast forward to 2 laps to go our chase group knew we were racing for 2 nd place. Travis K came up to me and said he would make a move and he did. He was able to put a gap on the field and force the other teams (Sun Power and Low) to chase. He was caught as we came through for the final lap and Low and Sun Power were on the front trying to lead it out. Luckily I was able to see this and slotted into third wheel and sat tight waiting for a launch. Sure enough after turn 3 Amain attacked on the right and I was able to follow putting me 2nd wheel into turn 4. I stayed on his wheel out of the turn and came around
him to win the bunch sprint.

Today we showed we were able to put a plan in place and execute. Killer work from all the boys today, especially Tom, Mikal and Ingmar who raced earlier and went 1 and 2 (Hell yeah Mikal and Tom)!

Thanks to our sponsors: Mike’s Bikes for keeping my whip game on point, Equator Coffees for waking me up in the mornings, Toyota Cycling, Capo Cycling always keeping me flossy, GU Energy for giving me ALL THE CARBS, and Absolute Black Chainrings for helping me spin efficient.