Suisun Harbor Criterium (P1/2)

Ghost-written by Travis McEuen for Chris Craig (in photo)


Travis K, Travis M, Chris , and Peter .


After being tangled in a crash, no real injuries, and trying to chase back on the day prior at Dunningan I pulled the plug after lap one and decided to save it for the crit the next day.


This course is notorious for a split/big break. The goal was to stay near the front and try and keep either Travis M or myself fresh for a reduced field sprint.

How it played out:

The race started out with the normal attacks, everyone wanting to push the pace and maybe get up the road/cause a split. Both Travis M and myself were feeling fresh and were chasing down moves and countering with our own. 10 minutes in, Travis M went down and got some pretty good road rash. He got back in but the adrenaline wore off eventually and could tell he was struggling. The field had whittled itself down as we thought it would leaving maybe 18 people, we liked this.

We continued to stay attentive and not let any serious moves go up the road as we liked our odds in the field. With 2 to go Ariel from Thirsty Bear took a late flyer, everyone looked around and that is exactly what he wanted. He ended up sticking it, nice move… Going into the final lap I got myself into position and launched a half lap move, I wasn’t able to get separation unfortunately and I had Justin Poulsen and Josh Carling on my wheel… It’s hard to beat those types of guys when they are on your wheel but I managed to get 4th (3rd in the bunch). Fortunately VeloPromo not only gives you a rad shirt but they extend the BRODIUM!