San Dimas Stage Race (E3)

Written by: Aria Kiani

This race is one of the biggest stage races in Southern California. Noted for its uphill time trial which is a big factor for the overall standings. The time trial is 4.2miles 1,200ft approx gain up Glendora Mtn Ridge or GMR. Smooth, steady 5% grades with a slight headwind. My bike could not be fixed in time and I raced on a demo bike, so I didn't have a good time trial - 22nd/110

Stage 2, the road race was at the Bonelli Circuit. Going around some cat 4 climbs including a pitchy 200ft climb, medium downhill followed by tight corners on to a fast flat down hill with 2k to go. Just over 7mile loop and 7 laps was for cat 3's. We started with 110 riders and throughout the race we shredded off 40 of them by the last lap. It still came down to a sprint finish with about 70 or so riders. The pack all in a bunch at around 2k, descending fast into the finishing stretch, one breaks off but he went nowhere. The change in speed only went faster as we blow past 1k. I somehow make my way to the right side in the wind but I felt a strong tailwind. I waited 4 from the front, looking for the reaction. 300m and the sprint is on as I see someone going from the opposite side. I go and it's just Man to man. I slowly creep in front to take the win by half a bike length. 1st/78 25pts green sprint jersey winner.

Stage 3 in the old city town of San dimas. The biggest feature is a -3% downhill into a fast open sprint 300m to the line with a tailwind. We averaged 28.6mph and 47mph on a Crit! The prem came up and I get a late start but manage to pass a few riders and snag 3rd. Staying active the whole time until the last lap was just chasing wheels. Into the corner I did not act fast enough to the hole shot into the corner, thought I'd be ok but found myself 20m away from the wheel I was only inches before. Sprint to the line there was no podium but managed 6th/70.

11pts scored

Green Jersey overall

Another stage race success for TMBdev!