Just Ride

The heat of racing and a year of gunning it take their toll on us all. It was freezing rain at team camp, at Lakeport it was 90 and thick with smoke after the sun set. As the racing dies down and we get to enjoy those miles with no agenda or specific plan, it’s good to reset and focus on the positive aspects of cycling.

Ride with friends, ride by yourself, ride new roads or old haunts, ride up down, flat or around, but most of all, just ride.

Thanks for following along this year, enjoy your offseason.


Redlands Classic 2018

Redlands Classic 2018

Minuets earlier we were clawing our way up a mountain, racing against the best in the nation, puking from dehydration and shivering in the heat as our legs cramped beneath us.  Now, we were seeing the materialization for these efforts and a life of commitment, in the form of a PRT jersey we all dreamed of wearing. There's never a doubt if it's all worth it, mostly, because you know it's a question you can't afford to ask. The dream is best pursued blindly.