2 Wheel / Early Bird Women's Criterium

It was a nice sunny day as I drove over the hill from Napa to Rohnert Park but as the day went on, the wind became more and more harder to deal with. As the race came closer to the start, I found out that Andy Goessling, Tyler Brandt, Tyler Dibble, and John Piasta came to race and we came up with a game plan. We had the vision to have atleast 3 guys in the breakaway because we almost knew a break would stay away. I was to stay in the pack with Andy and if a break goes, Andy would help me get across to that winning break. The race started and right from the gun attacks went and the wind only made it harder. Unfortunantely, Andy got a flat and didn't know that I had wheels in the non-neutral support wheel pit. I followed and made some attacks but nothing really got away. A couple of times Max Jenkins (Competitive Cyclist) and Jared Barrilleaux (Cal giant/Specialized) would get away but others including all of us from Mike's Bikes were following attacks to make sure we would represented in the wining breakaway. With 7 laps to go, a big attack went and I followed it with Chuck Hutcheson (Marc-Pro Strava) on my wheel and once he came by, I looked back and there was a group of about 10 of us that were away that included John and Tyler Brandt. I told John to drill it so that the field would have less home with the wind out there to have the desire to chase us back.

We eventually got caught after Sterling Magnell (Wonderful Pistacios) bridged up to the break with us. With three laps to go, Jared went for a prime and then kept going for the win. Right away, I sent all of the guys to the front to bring him back. We brought him back with a half a lap to go. At this time Tyler Dibble had brought Jared back and I told him to sit on him because he did his job and it confused everyone in the pack and forced someone else to attack. I waited and kept looking back for this attack and then Max attacked and Chuck was first on him and then I was on chuck. I was then about to start my sprint a little early because it was a chicane finish and right then a Wonderful Pistachios rider attacked and I jumped right on him. I sat on him and waited until we got through the chicaine to come around him in the last 100 meters to come away with the win! Tyler Brandt was also able to come away with 2nd even though he helped bring Jared back!

Overall, it was a great day for the team not only today with Dana also winning the 35-39 Masters State Criterium earlier that day, but also Eric Riggs won the Sierra de Montserrat Curcuit Race on Saturday morning!

Thank you for reading.


--James LaBerge