2013 Specialized S-Works Road Shoe Review


When I first tried 2013 S-Works Road Shoe (size 42.5, the same size as my previous 2012 s-works shoes), I noticed that these shoes fit slightly on the smaller side. For me, this wasn’t a problem since I was between a 42 and a 42.5 with the old pair anyway. Right away, something just felt right... like these shoes were custom-tailored for my feet. The heel cup feels deeper, and better shaped, so there is virtually no heel-slip. On the inside of the heel, the lining has little rubberized grippers for even more anti-slip protection - a very nice detail.


One of the biggest advances that Specialized made with these shoes was the way they positioned the BOA dials. Instead of going straight across the tongue of the shoe, they’re slightly askew - so as to pull the two sides of the more supple upper together to wrap around the foot, rather than just to secure the foot down to the sole of the shoe. This was the biggest difference that I noticed while riding in them. I didn’t find myself needing to re-tighten them after a few hours on the bike like I did with the previous generation S-works shoes. This also made the shoes much more comfortable to wear on the longer 4+ hour training rides. It may sound a little cliché, but I often forgot I was wearing them.

I’ll be honest, I have a pair of white “hand-made” Italian cycling shoes that I wear on occasion for the short coffee shop rides on recovery days or local group ride. But with the panache styling of the new 2013 S-works Road shoe - super clean patent finish upper, and bold, sleek lines – you’ll more than likely see me enjoying my next mid-ride cappuccino and muffin wearing these shoes instead.

I accompany my S-works Road shoes with a set of Specialized Green Performance Insoles and Look Keo cleats in Grey, also available at your local Mike’s Bikes.

-Travis Lyons