Pescadero Road Race

Pescadero Road Race is one of the foremost features of the NCNCA, and therefore attracts a quality field. This year was no different, with Cal Giant, Marc-Pro Strava, Bear Development, and VuMedi all bringing strong teams to the race. Roman, Craig, Walton, Marcus, and I were racing for Team Mike’s Bikes, and we were ready for a fun day of bike racing.

The race started out hectic with a crash and lots of attacks leading up to Pescadero Creek Road climb. The first ascent wasn’t too hard, and I was able to hang on to the attacks near the top. On the descent, more attacks went, and I looked back to discover there were only about ten people behind, including my teammate Marcus. With most of the teams represented, as well as Ben Jacques-Maynes, I knew this might stick. It wasn’t ideal for Team Mike’s Bikes, as none of our better climbers were there, but Marcus and I were determined to do our best.

On the Stage Road climb, Ben got away with Bryan Duke from Bear Dev, while we dropped a couple people from the break. The rest of us worked well until the second time up Pescadero Creek Road climb, where Marcus dropped off after doing much work. For most of the third lap, the break consisted of Torey Phillip of Cal Giant, Chris HD and Jared Kessler of MarcPro, and myself. I made sure to stay hydrated, which was easy thanks to the Osmo in my bottles, and made sure to stay fueled, which was easy thanks to the ProBar in my pockets. 

The third time up Pescadero Creek Road, Chris and Torey attacked and dropped Jared and I, but I caught them on the descent thanks to the incredible grip of Specialized Turbo tires, which allowed me to fly around the high speed turns with confidence. Soon, we caught up to Bryan, but Ben was long gone off the front. On a Stage Road climb, Chris and Torey attacked again and I was unable to match the acceleration. I was forced to ride solo for the last eleven miles, which was certainly made easier by the aerodynamics of my Venge and Evade helmet, but hurt nonetheless. I ended up fifth, while Craig, Roman, and Walton all put in strong performances, finishing seventh, tenth, and eleventh, respectively.

I want to thank Team Mike’s Bikes p/b Equator Coffees for giving me everything I need to succeed, and to my teammates for trusting me to ride well off the front in only my first year on the team. I also want to thank Shawn Rosenthal, who coaches me, and whom the whole team has dedicated their season to. Although we wish you were racing with us, Shawn, racing in your honor gives us that extra motivation we need!