Breaking the Streak

Being new to TMBEquator, it wasn't until last weekend that I was first able to race with the guys, at the local Red Kite Criterium. Such a late start to the season was due to sickness and injury, so I was eager to join the rest of the U23 TMB (Marcus, Reese, Travis) along with Nate, Rainier, and Scott Cox, joining from TMB Masters for his bonus second-race workout. I was eager to help the team in whatever way I could. The plan was to try and keep things together until the last few laps where we would take control and set things up for a sprint finish.

Coming into the final laps, according to plan, the race was all together, despite constant attacks from Coretechs Elite and VuMedi. So far so good. With 3 laps to go we we organized and took the front. Coretechs Elite battled our leadout, but we managed to stay within striking distance until 1 lap to go. Going into turn 2, on the last lap, Rainier came from behind and hit the gas to take Travis and I through the mess that was forming to the front and through the exit of turn 3. It was now my job to tow Travis the remaining 400 meters to the line. Riders started to approach on my left, so I accelerated sooner than planned, but with Travis on my wheel I knew he'd win if I got him to the final corner. We took the final corner full speed, and here I was expecting Travis to sprint by me. 50 meters before the line Travis yells that we have a gap—so he lets me take the win! What a guy!