Memorial Day Weekend—Folsom Classic Criterium

Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equator Coffees had a trio of Adam, Rainier and myself, but we knew that despite our small number, we had the firepower to win. The course is a flat "D" shaped loop, so bunch sprints are common, but breakaways have also stayed away. National Champion James LaBerge was in the field. VuMedi and Herbalife p/b Marc Pro-Strava had large squads of six, and eight, respectively, so we had to ensure we were in any promising moves containing those teams. Basically, we had to be ready for anything.

Breakaways were getting no leash, however, a field sprint seemed imminent. Rainier, Adam, and I grouped up near the end of the race. With a couple laps to go, Herbalife put together a long train on the front with the three of us just behind. Even with that firepower up front, the speed wasn't too great going into the last lap—things were looking good for us. Rainier moved Adam and I up and kept us pegged half-way through and beside the Herbalife train, leaving the gutter open for us to make our move. 400 meters before the final corner, Adam sprinted up the gutter with me glued to his wheel. 75 meters before the corner, Joshua Carling (Herbalife) started to pass Adam, so I had to start my sprint a little earlier than I wanted. It was still a long way to go, but I was able to hold off the charging Joshua and Randy Bramblett (CoreTechs) for the win!