Specialized Bicycles

When racing, every little detail counts, this is what makes victory possible. Specialized is a company that prides itself on these details.

A windtunnel is one way Specialized focuses on detail. The precision of their equipment is unparalleled; they can measure aerodynamic advantage to the fraction of a watt based on the coefficient of drag and frontal surface area.  Their scientists, in a special visit I made to the tunnel last week, showed me exactly how they fine-tune each product to a specific performance measure in order to get more out of it. It was fascinating to see how much attention they put into every detail, from the exact vent placement in their Evade helmet to the precise contour of the Venge's down tube.  No other company has the facilities to make such finite incremental improvements. 

Each new product is better than the last as they constantly improve and reinvent their product lines,by fact I can personally attest to as the 2015 Venge handles smoother and is easier to control, compared to years' past.  What other company knows for a fact that their shoes produce less drag than any shoe cover on the market, and has a road helmet proven to be more aerodynamic than a traditional aero helmet for most rider positions?  It is easy to visualize large products like these saving you energy, but even the unseen products, like tires, can save you watts.  Specialized engineers have designed a cotton casing that slips lightly over latex tubes in order to reduce rolling friction, and they have designed a unique rubber compound that further reduces resistance while maintaining unparalleled grip.  A set of S-Works cotton tires can save you 8w per pair over other “good” tires.  That means I can gain almost 2 pounds and still climb up Mount Hamilton at the same speed! 

It is great to know that I am on the best equipment in the industry, and better yet to know that I am on a bike designed less than 30 miles away, in the amazing Specialized think tank. Thanks to Specialized for being the best bike on the market and for supporting Team Mikes Bikes P/B Equator Coffees.