Lodi Cyclefest

Lodi Cyclefest is one of the best criteriums in California with its great prizes,  downtown figure-8 course, and free food for the racers! The quality of the race attracts the best riders of NorCal and it's always a hard fought race to the very end.

The race started very fast as attacks were flying on every part of the course from lap 1, and TMBEquator was there to not only match them, but also dish out some digs of our own. Colin Daw, second place in the Premier Series standings after the district championship road race at Pescadero, was keen to regain his lead. He found himself in a several lap breakaway with Byron Anson (VuMedi) and Ariel Herrmann (Herbalife) midway through the 70 minute race. Things eventually meshed back together, however, with strong work from Cal-Giant. In the closing laps the race was still together.  Nate English was having too easy of a time in the group so he decided it was time to go solo. He quickly gained a couple hundred meter lead. With Nate off the front, the rest of TMB Equator was able to sit back and race defensively.

With 3 laps to go Justin Rossi (Herbalife) took the front and took lap-long monster pull in order to bring back Nate. Mike's Bikes was organized behind Rossi, and took the front shortly after Nate was reabsorbed mid-way through the second to last lap.  With the bell ringing, Roman lead Adam and Garrett across the finish line to start the final lap.


Behind, Colin was fighting for Garrett's wheel with Tobin Ortenblad (Cal-Giant) but in turn 5 Colin slipped in in front of Garrett. Tobin did not fight for Colin's wheel as Garret locked on. Heading into the final two corners Roman began to fade and Adam took over with a massive burst of speed blitzing through the final two corners with Colin and Garrett in tow. In the home straight Garrett sprinted past Colin and held off Tobin for the win. Colin sprinted in for third place, and in the process regained his Premier Series lead.