Specialized Tires

I'm definitely one to toot my teams sponsors horn but in this case the proof is in the picture. One product that I definitely feels doesn't get enough credit for how phenomenal they are is Specialized tires. Pictured below is a staple punctured into my rear Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite (25c) with the tire still inflated. I was able to remove it and the tire held air the rest of my ride. Without sounding too cheesy, I have been riding the All Conditional Armadillo Elites exclusively for the past two years and will continue to do so. Their flat protection and life is simply unbeatable. Some people prefer the Espoir or Roubaix tire for a little less weight and more supple of a ride but I find these makes me enjoy my Turbo Tubular Team tires that much more come race day.

Right now I have Specialized Purgatory and tires on my Stumpjumper, All Condition Armadillos on my road bikes, and Turbo Tubular Team tires on my Zipp 404s. Next time you wear our a tire or blow a sidewall, check out what Specialized has to offer.