Incase Sonic open ear headphone

Incase Sonic open ear headphone Working as a cycling coach, I spend a lot of my time either at home, at the cafe, or on the road. I love music and I like it to sound good. Wherever I am, I've got a nice set of over ear headphones that look as good as they are comfortable.


With the soft, open cell memory foam, they mimic some of the properties of open air headphones. This does mean that sound emanate to your surroundings a little bit more than the standard closed air headphones. Maybe not the best headphones for a quiet car ride while listening to auto-tuned fun from Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. Quiet enough for any other environment. This helps reduce the pounding sensation that other headphones will create and also allows for a more natural sound.

We're on Spotify now.

Something I've found with every over the ear headphone I've used is that my MacBook just doesn't produce enough juice. Check out the app "Boom" for extra volume and a global equalizer to push the headphones harder with some extra pumping, distortion free bass.

Did I mention it's got an inline microphone for making hands free phone calls? Consolations with clients, talks with mom, weekly team conference calls etc.

Did I mention anything about the comfort? They use memory foam for padding. Memory foam has been widely accepted as a godsend material for pillows and mattresses. I've fallen asleep with these headphones on.

For more isolation and for an active lifestyle, they've got the stylish earbuds with inline volume control, track control and a microphone.