A Beautiful Day for a Ride!

GarminToday was one of those winter days that makes a cyclist feel spoiled to reside in California. I set out to get in some hill work and while warming up and riding to my climb du jour, I enjoyed a wondorus clear view of the carquinez bay. Seated atop the cannondale supersix steed, adorned in capo garb, I floated along in comfort smiling at the world around me. My recent BG fit had me feeling better than ever on my machine, especially happy were my feet, having just set up the cleats and selecting the appropriate orthotic insert. who knew I had flat arches? certainly not me. Sometimes an adjustment takes some time to feel comfortable, this was not one of those cases, I instantly felt way better (and stronger) with proper arch support, thanks to Jake (the Body Geometry fitmeister at Mikes Bikes) feeling good on the bike I was able to focus on my workout, and the easy to use Garmin edge 500 unit kept my efforts honest. Looking forward to another early Bird Crit tomorrow and the start of the real racing right around the corner. I hope the rest of you all had as enjoyable a ride today as I did. Forecast is yellow circles for the foreseeable future, go get those miles in!


Ooo the Places - Ben Stern