Auburn Downtown Criterium

Not sure if this race had rollercoaster or Nevada City Classic written all over it more. It had a steep climb that was a few blocks long, a couple turns, a false flat, a couple more turns, then a hairball steep downhill that included a few turns before the finish line. photo by: sacpictures

Racers started jammin' right away, and I started in the back so it took a while to move up as one could pretty much only do it on the climb or the false flat. The climb was hard enough just to survive, let alone move up on. However, move up I did and pop off the front I also did. Tried a lap solo to bridge to the lone leader. That didn't work, as a matter a fact I pretty much didn't go anywhere, and I paid for it for probably ten laps. In which time I missed a break of two Macro Pro dudes, Max Jenkins, and Jesse Moore. Fortunately I found myself in a group of six that, after incessant scolding by Yann, a Safeway racer, got organized and chased hard. There were lots of "pull through!", "we almost got them!", "get off the front!", "let's go guys!", obscenities omitted. Dude really got us going! We got within ten seconds of leaders but no further. Damn that hill hurt.

On the final lap I tried to jump away on the false flat at the top of the course but the Safeway racer came around me on the downhill and got the holeshot. Pretty much impossible to come around someone on the downhill sections or on the short sprint to the finish, just too fast and tight. I finished beside but just aft of him. 6th place.

This one's pretty funny: photo by: sacpictures