BG Fit is Legit

After preaching to various Mike's Bikes customers about the certain value of a BG Fit, I was pretty excited to get one for myself.  I have a pretty funky body, and I was rather curious to see what Jake could do for me.  I've had a few fits in the past, but nothing that had ever put aches and pains and twinges to rest. The BG Fit process is all about working with each individual's bodily asymmetries, which I think is a pretty cool concept.  My body is certainly asymmetrical, and no amount of stretching or yoga has ever been able to change that.  The first half of the 3 hours I spent in the studio was spent measuring my body.  To me, this was the coolest part.  Having just taken an anatomy class and being generally obsessed with the human body, I had a good time nerding out and trying to remember everything that was going on (I didn't).  Most notable: my weird knees are so weird, I've got pretty high arches that are good at collapsing, and my hip flexors are very flexible.

Next up was the actual tweaking and video shooting.  The best part of this was being able to watch myself and see what I looked like on the bike.  Jake made quite a few changes: saddle back, seat up, stem down, cleats outward, green insoles, two varus wedges per foot.  After dropping the stem and adding the second varus wedge, everything really came together.  He said my position was "amazing," and it felt like it.  Never before have I felt so comfortable on a bicycle!

Hey Hank, how about a pedal stroke-off?