Capo Bib Shorts: Only the Best Survive

By Dana Williams I hate to admit this during a product review of one of our sponsors, but Capo for the second year in a row made the same mistake. Hold your breath......sorry Capo, I hate to say this, but you made your bib short too good once again. It's mid season now and the shorts and chamois still feels like new. How can a company expect to sell their products when they make them so superior? I could still be wearing my shorts from last year and be happy.

All jokes aside, what I pointed out above is true. In all my years of riding and racing, I haven't worn a bib short that feels so great and last for so long. And no, Capo isn't paying me to write this. I was going to write a similar review at the end of last season, but life got too busy (my wife had our second child, I started my new training and cycle coaching business;, among other things) and I wanted to see if this years shorts were just as good. And yup, they are.

There's not much else to say. The chamois doesn't cause any sore spots (wash them after each ride, like you should with all shorts), the spandex doesn't stretch out so it still compresses my legs and the stitching and seams stay together well. Thank you Capo. Keep up the great work.