Cat's Hill - Race Report from the Newbie

Cat’s Hill:  Finished Unfortunately, most of the bike footage that I took was from tail gunning the race since my gears were skipping the entire time and I couldn’t put any power into the pedals.  

It was so frustrating  especially since I took the bike to the shop just before the race.  But bike stand adjustment doesn’t always equal to working under load.  I was really hoping to help out T Dibbs and Rainer, which is why I kept riding on even though I wanted to throw in the towel since I was so annoyed with the gear chatter.  So were many other riders too,  who were yelling at me to go in the pit.  I didn’t think I would get a free lap, but I was told that if you tell the refs that someone crashed into me and screwed up my derailleur/wheel.  So I rolled in, after getting a wheel from Paul/Hank whom I shouted to on the hill.   But the wheel change did not help, and it sucks stopping after a really hard effort and then jumping back on.  My legs were cramping from then on.  And worse of all, I still kept skipping gears all the way to the finish.  Oi Vey! Oh well, there are plenty of other races.  So   I ate and drank my frustration away at a dinner party.   Good sake and good conversation helps you easily dismiss a bad day on the bike.