Col du Tourmalet - Vacation Report From Steve Pelaez

Steve is climbing legendary mountains, dodging livestock and having a great time. Check out his report and video- Here's my incredible descent of the Tourmalet. I descended in the direction of this year’s TDF'12 climb. It's a really nice fast open descent, but I had some obstacles that I didn't really anticipate since I've never seen these encounters during the tour. It's an incredible experience and I'm fortunate to ride away from the experience in one piece. My grandma was Lourdes during the day praying for my safe return since I left around dawn. I'm glad HE was on my corner during the descent. Good things happen in 3s too.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s long but there's a lot to see.

Col du Tourmalet Descent to Luz St. Sauver from Steve Pelaez on Vimeo.

PS. I'm in Barcelona right now, and it simply is the best city I've seen during this European visit. Breath taking in its beauty, both the sites and the people altogether.