Day Two - Team Mike's Bikes Training Camp

Gpro Team CampToday was the second day of team camp. The morning started a little later than Saturday and a whole lot slower. The one-two punch of Morgan Territory-Mt. Diablo had us all clambering for coffee and breakfast. Much to our delight, the was plenty of both to go around as Ryan "Master Cook" Johnson was preparing a spread fit for a king. There was everything from bacon and eggs to a delicious oatmeal concoction, and, of course, lots and lots of coffee. After stuffing ourselves with delicious food, it was time to think about riding. Unfortunately, the July-like weather that had recently descended on NorCal had left, leaving in its wake an onslaught of wind and rain. Naturally, some moaning and groaning ensued, but eventually we donned our Capo kits and prepared to ride.

With much grumbling, we eventually set out on our ride. After just a few minutes, the sky opened up, dishing out what was to be the worst weather of the ride in the first 30 minutes. After a few flats in the opening miles, we settled in for a beautiful ride through green rolling hills and mostly fair weather.

The second day of training camp is always interesting. The riders who pushed themselves hard the day before are showing it, their stiff pedaling and slow accelerations giving them away. It is also a day when those who have arrived with god fitness come to the fore. There were several riders who rode impressively, despite the previous day in their legs. Paul Ngo put in an impressive ride, finishing the climb up Patterson Pass first after a hard fought contest. He also managed to contest the sprint at the end of the day!

Ride data from Ryan's Garmin:

Team Mike's Bikes had a great start to the season with its inaugural training camp. With the start of the NCNCA Road calendar right around the corner, we can't wait to get out and show you, in person, the new team. Come on out to Cherry Pit in Napa next Sunday, February 6th (Super Bowl Sunday!) to see us start the season right.

Until next time.


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