Detangling Life

I recently got an Incase USB Mini Cable Kit and this small and simple product has completely changed how I pack. The USB Mini Cable Kit is a small pouch with three USB cables (iPod connector, Mini USB, & Micro USB). After getting the kit, I left it in my backpack (Incase Range Large Backpack) and when I got back to the campus, I had to run to the library to work on a project. After some studying I remembered to download my training files from the ride and that I needed to charge my phone. It took me a second and then I realized that I already had the cables with me. Ever since then I have taken this kit with my everywhere. I no longer have to plan which long, tangled cables I should bring for a trip (whether to a race or just to study). This kit fits my lifestyle because it allows me connect all the devices I need for both my cycling and school everywhere I go.

To go on a ride I use two of the cables to make sure that both my phone and Bike Computer are charged and downloaded. To go to school I use anther two cables to make sure I have all my textbooks (Kindle - Micro USB) and my phone are charged.

Thank you Incase for this awesome product.

-Marcus Smith