Early Bird Road Race

I rounded the turnaround in top 10, I thought that I would have been able to catch Hank on the long way down. There was Hank's group of 7 and then me and then other other chasers. After putting in a hard solo chase. I sat up and was joined by a group of about 6 riders. They were pulling pretty hard, know that Hank was in the break, with strong legs and flowing blonde hair, I rotated through but never pulled. We got as close as 38 seconds, with time checks from the moto. We could see Hank's golden locks flowing ahead and there was no group insight from behind.

After we popped some cream puffs along the way, the group stopped chasing at about 2km to go to gear up for the sprint. One guys launches at 1km to go, he fades, others take over and they fade. I waited, but never launched a full out sprint and rode in at 3rd in the group sprint for 8th overall from the P123, but 6th in the 3's.
Looking back, I regret not going harder on the climb to be with Hank's group, I placed too much confidence on catching on the descent.

Good job Hank! Another great start to the season!

- Paul