Folsom Criterium

This guy fooled me again:

The weatherman said it would be dry and warm and (surprise surprise) it rained for the entirety of the P12 race. The course was pretty safe, however, there was one corner where racers, myself included, were inadvertently sliding. Everyone seemed to take the corners cautiously, hopefully everyone stayed upright. Fifteen minutes into the race, the peloton split in half, Ben Stern and I were in the back half wondering if it was going to come back together. I was confused didn't know how we all ended up back here and whether or not it was going to come back together. People kept attacking and moving solo across to the front group. I got worried and moved across, Ben did the same. Eventually I think most of the racers from the back group rejoined? Lots of attacking and it was hard to see who was who in the rain. With 19 laps to go, I had momentum coming through the group so I kept rolling off the front. No one went with me, and I chuckled to myself that no one ever does (probably for a good reason). I stayed ahead for three laps, and fortunately the announcers threw a cash prime at me. That was nice! That prime may have caused a stir because a group of 6 bridged to me. We worked together but then the group doubled in size. Racers started attacking, and three got away with maybe 9 laps remaining that included John Wilk, Evan Huffman, the district crit champ, and one other. The rest of us were marking each other pretty hard, but I got away from them with 6 laps to go. It took me one and a half laps to bridge the fifteen second gap to the three leaders. We all took our turns, Huffman was taking huge pulls. The four of us sprinted for the win and with fingers frozen and tires slipping I got second!