Hydration Essentials

Team Mike’s Bikes is fortunate to use a great hydration product – Osmo.  Osmo Active Hydration brings together proven science and common sense – a sports drink’s primary function should be to hydrate. Osmo Pre-Load supplements even the best in-competition hydration plans to improve performance on the hottest days and in the toughest efforts. Just ask Peter Sagan. But this post isn’t about Osmo or the latest sports science on hydration. At the end of the day, one thing about hydration is universally accepted – if you lose your bottles during a race, what’s in them doesn’t really matter.

Enter the water bottle cage – the unsung hero of hydration.

What matters most about a water bottle cage? First and foremost, your bottle needs to stay in it. In three years of racing, when the roads have gotten rough – and we certainly have our share of those in Nor Cal – TMB bottles have stayed put. From Madera, to Copperopolis, to Challenge, when rough roads jettison bottles left and right, ours have stayed securely in our BikeSmart HydroCarbon 4 Carbon Fiber Bottle Cages.

And better still, these cages get the job done while weighing in under 20 grams. And with a sleek profile that sits flush to the bottle, you’ll add about as little drag as possible while carrying a standard bottle. The aerodynamic engineers that spend hundreds of hours on your frame will appreciate it. It’s hard to argue how you buy a better upgrade for your bike for just $44.