Land Park Criterium

Land Park Criterium is one of my favorites, it is an oval with a cloverleaf shaped-double chicane and almost hairpin stuck into it. There was an initial longstanding break of four that included Evan Huffman (CalGiant) and Peter Graf (Fremont Bank). Two of those in the break dropped back to the peloton and Evan and Peter charged on. There were constant bridge attempts, teammate Dana Williams and I included, but no solid chase. Dudes were getting really excited, bouncing off each other and scraping pedals. It wasn't until eight laps or so left that Nathanael Christensen (Michael David Winery) and I got away from the peloton. We worked our butts off for eight laps but never made it to the Huffman train; instead, we dangled half-way between the leaders and the peloton. I managed a third place and Dana was eighth. Nathanael and I coming into the finish:

Rand seducing the camera and Dana leading the rest:

Tim Westmore provided the above photos.