LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Pedals - Mini Review


Pedals are fairly simple component that serve one vital purpose: Keep your shoes locked on to the bike in order to throw down the watts. I pushed the pedals around many many times in 2012, and I've been notably impressed with the Look Keo Blade Carbons that were issued to Team Mike's Bikes.

Having been a stalwart user of the ubiquitous chunks of aluminum called Shimano Dura Ace for many seasons, I was initially skeptical of the Blades incredible light weight, composite construction, and crazy carbon leaf-spring retention system. What if I clip a pedal and snap the thing off? Won't the composite cage wear out prematurely?

Well, after a full crazy year of riding, It's January 1st, 2013 and the Blades feel as crisp as they did when we picked up our brand new bikes last January. I'll be the first to say I'm not the easiest on my equiment, and the Blades have held up to some serious abuse on some very tough terrain. I also love how easy it is to clip in and out of them; the light but solid engagment belies the fact that the pedals hold my zero degree float cleats tighter than any other brand I've used.

Overall, these pedals have performed far above and beyond my expectations. I'm stoked for to pedaling the Look Carbon Blades around again in 2013.

The Look Keo Blade Carbon are available at your nearest Mike's Bikes for $289.99.