Mike's Bikes presents the 6th Annual Menlo Park Grand Prix


















Tomorrow Team Mike's Bikes will be racing at 6th Annual Menlo Park Grand Prix presented by Mike's Bikes. The team will be there in full with a Mike's Element, Tent, and neutral mechanic. Stop by to say hi, cheer us on in the races, and watch us present awards for the women's races. Look for our riders in the early morning Cat 3 and afternoon P/1/2 fields:

P/1/2 Rainier Schaefer
P/1/2 Benjamin Stern
P/1/2 Shawn Rosenthal
P/1/2 Stephen O'Mara
P/1/2 Tyler Dibble

Cat 3 Ryan Johnson
Cat 3 Paul Ngo
Cat 3 Henry Scholz
Cat 3 Keven Bricknell

See you there!