Part of my rehab from tendonitis has been a few doses of mountain biking. I find the easier gears require a bit less power and higher cadence with a lot more out of the saddle maneuvering takes some of the stress of my quad tendon. A few people commented that they thought the impact and shock absorption the tendon would encounter would make things worse. It actually seems that while on my road bike pushing a bigger gear at a higher power and lower cadence, the repetitive motion of engaging the muscle to drive the pedal down and propel the bike forward tends to stress and irritate it more. Anyways jealous that all my teammates were getting sweet footage of crushing in the races, I decided to clamp on my GoPro HD Hero2 and shred the dirt with my coworkers from Mike's in Sausalito, Ben and Daood. I threw a quick video together with windows movie maker showing some of the awesome trails Golden Gate Park in San Francisco has to offer. Enjoy.