Osmo Nutrition Product Review

by Nick Newcomb

I've always been a diehard plain water drinker when racing and riding my bike. I was never interested in sugary, food colored sports drinks when I was thirsty, but with Osmo that has all changed. Osmo was developed by Dr. Stacy Sims to get the most optimal performance when exercising. Osmo has a lower The preload mix  is great for shorter efforts like time trials, short track MTB and other races where you wouldn't normally carry a bottle. It also does wonders on hot days where drinking the water day of just isn't enough. All it takes is a scoop at night and a scoop in the morning and your all set. It works so well than none other than Peter Sagan has fallen in love with it. I have used it for every time trial I have done this year and never once craved water during the race.concentration of carbohydrates than most sports drinks but a more varied concentration of electrolytes and other nutrients. Extensive testing has shown that this new and different combination does wonders to maintaining hydration and increasing power output. Osmo currently has 3 different mix styles for active hydration during rides, post ride recovery, and preride hydration. All of them have their own great characteristics.

Meanwhile, the active hydration mix is perfect for any day of riding, whether racing or just going on a spin. It tastes good, isn't overly sugary, and keeps you noticeably hydrated. Active hydration helps to maximaize performance through increased thermo-regulation, decreased cramping, and increased power. Many other sports drinks cram in all kinds of carbs and electrolytes into their kinds but Dr Sims has found that smaller amounts of more optimal nutrients is not only easier for the body to absorb but is also more efficiently used. Once starting to use Osmo, I haven't bonked a single time and my coach has noticed an increase in the power I can maintain after multiple hours. These gains have a substancial impact on training and racing.

And finally there's the recovery mix. Many people forget that the most important aspect of training is not how hard you push yourself during the ride, but how well your body can rebuild its muscles and recover afterwards. The mix looks and tastes similar to other vanilla recovery mixes but the differences are vast. Extensive research has shown that other mixes have many unnecessary minerals and vitamins, but lack some essential additions that have been put in OSMO. Most other drinks only include one type of protein, but OSMO uses two vastly different protiens that are absorbed at different rates, giving your body a wider range of time to continue recovery. In addition, Dr. Sims and other scientists have found that the small amount of caffeine in OSMO will help your muscles to absorb the protein and glycogen being taken in, and better optimize the recovery process. Using OSMO recovery mix, I feel better and more recovered after hard training days than ever before, which has been essential during hard training blocks and stage races.

In the end, OSMO tastes good, is easy to drink, and has all of the science behind it. It has worked wonders for me and I am sue it will for you too.