Pro Tune-Up & Setting Sun

November 12, 2013 was a great day on the bike.

It was absolutely beautiful outside, as seen in the picture above. I rode in The Headlands with nothing but the ocean, coastal scrub, and chaparral around! There was no one else on the trails. The air was a little crisp, very clean and of the ocean. The autumn sky was perfectly clear as the sun set.

My bike worked flawlessly after a Mike's Bikes Pro Tune-Up ($50 off!). The shifting was exact, something that has never worked proper since I built it last year. The pedals I borrowed from a friend worked great, multiple times better than what I was using before. It felt amazing to ride a well-tuned cyclocross bike!

My legs felt fantastic, but I wasn't out to push them with intervals. I rode some great lines, caught some air when I could, and smiled when I did. There were no flat tires or washouts--I was totally in control of the bike. I felt like I could ride up and down those hills forever.