Cantua Creek Road Race, Pine Flat Road Race, and Dinuba Criterium - P/1/2 Race Report

Cantua Creek Road Race

The course is flat except a hilly section for the last 3k. Headwind out, tailwind back.

We rolled out pretty easy for the first lap. On the way back on the second lap attacks started coming in. Blake Anton and another strong rider got up the road. I rotated with the group to keep it close. On an overpass I bridged the gap (on a bridge). We were off together for for 15mi or so. We got caught and I gave it another go by myself. A rider bridged, we got caught.

On the way back toward the finish it was a tailwind. On the finishing climb I sat at the front covering moves. Toward the top of a hill, a rider attacked. I covered it and used it as a springboard to launch from the crest to the finish line. 700m later, "smiling", I finished a road race (it's been 2 years, been busy getting the coaching business up and running). cantua creek

Standing on the sidelines, I ran around passing out business cards for my coaching business, Provantage Sports (yes, I had them in my pocket along with

a few extra clif bars). As the cat 3s came in, I got to live a bit vicariously as a couple of my athletes finished their race:

Reese Levine of Tieni Duro finished off a 60mi breakaway to get 2nd and Travis Lyons of Mike's Bikes finished strong in the uphill field sprint.

Pine Flat Road Race

This race has a lot of rollers and flats followed by a steep hill in it followed by a valley and a short finishing hill

On a fast, non technical descent, someone decided itd be a great idea to pass a truck. The field followed, including passing while rolling around view obstructed curve. While sitting safely behind the truck, a rider passed by me over the yellow line around a curve then decided he didn't want to go. He hit his brakes and swerved right.

Until the "right turn" onto wildcat (the climb) I sat around and surfed the pack, only briefly seeing the front for 20 seconds to help close a dangerous 6 rider group.

Two riders got away, courageously trying to get a head start before the hill. From what I heard, one was able to narrowly stick it to the finish line.

After the right turn, a few lit some matches on the first steep kickers. It flattened out and it slowed down. I pulled through knowing there were still 2 up the road to close down. After a minute or four I wanted a breather before making a go on the really steep section. "a rider" as mentioned earlier pulled through, riding on the left side of the road. I was riding to the right, not too pleased about where he was. A car came, he hit his brakes and moved right. My front wheel taken out, I was on the ground. Curled in a ball, I could only hope I:

1) didn't get hit by the guys behind me 2) didn't get run over by any cars

As soon as I started to feel really comfortable on this bike, the bike is in pieces and the part swap starts again. Thank you Jack Maddux for lending me some bars for the next day.

My shoulder and back are knotted

and twisted. My elbow and knee stiff and bruised. Really could have been much worse but in a sport as risky as this, I'd really like to see the avoidable avoided.

Dinuba Criterium

clown on bikeAfter getting a set of kiddie size handlebars from Jack Maddux of specialized jr racing team (thank you Jack for saving me there!) I spent the morning putting the front end of the bike back together.

Narrow bars, tape barely wrapped, 303 front, box section rear... I looked sooo pro. I had the shoes though!

Small field, half on one team ... In for a day.

From the gun attacks went out and I got caught singled out a few times.

I threw in a few counter attacks and one stuck with Jax, Vince Owens, and myself. We quickly lapped the field I tried my best to go easy when we got close but it came together when Vince tried to bridge up when the field was sitting up. It was like that Super Bowl moment with 1min to go.

Now they breakaway companions had teammates. Stuck to Vince like glue since he had like 6 teammates. Those guys rode hard to try to keep Vince fresh.

Brian Bosch gave a great lead out for Vince. I tried to get the jump on Vince but went too late to come around a guy with legs as solid as his. Finished off the day with a 2nd place and a king size burrito.