Ride Fuel

Team Mike's Bikes

When we're out riding day in and day out, proper fueling is essential to keeping us going. We are happy to be fueled this year by Clif Bar. From training to racing, they have a product that matches perfect. During your ride or race, you are looking for carbohydrates + fluids. The easier the food is to digest, the quicker it absorbs into your system to provide energy.

When I'm out racing, I choose:

1 bottle of Clif Shot drink mix 1 bottle of water Clif Blocks and Clif Kids Fruit Twists (the first couple hours of the race) Clif Shots (when the racing heats up)

When I'm out training, I choose:

1 bottle of Clif Shot drink mix 1 bottle of water Clif Blocks, Clif Kids Fruit Twists (when I'm going a bit harder) Clif Shots (in case I start to bonk) Clif Bars (helps me stay satiated on a long ride, eat when the riding is at a low intensity)

Clif Bar

During both racing and training, I aim for 300-400 calories per hour depending on how much my stomach can handle. I also aim for ~1 bottle per hour depending on the weather. If I keep myself fueled, I will burn through my glycogen stores at a slower rate and will be able to ride stronger for a longer duration.

When I'm looking for some extra protein to help with my recovery, the Clif Builder Bars are a convenient (and delicious) way to fuel up properly. See article about post-ride recovery.

If you're out training and see a Mike's Bikes kit, come say hi. We'd be happy to share some insight (and likely a few samples) of the Clif Bar goods we bring along.