Riding Safety: Pivoting Weather & Shorter Days

Your legs are ready for some longer miles and the number of sunny days left in 2011 are limited. Some nuances that can make a big difference in staying safe as the seasons change.

Make sure your bike is in good shape * Make sure your tires are in good shape - the last thing you want on a twisty descent is a flat tire * Inspect the rest of your bike for wear and damage

Wear bright clothing * Yellow, orange, and red are the most visible * Avoid colors such as white, black, earth colors, & darker hues of blue, green, & purple

Light up your bike * The rods in your eyes are much more sensitive than the cones. Rods are responsive to movement; therefore, the blinking setting is best for being seen. * Place two blinkies on the back of your bike, spaced apart vertically. This will help a driver guage how quick he is approaching you. * The brighter, the better

Riding smart * If possible avoid risky weather, times, & locations * Be defensive and alert while riding