Scotts Valley

Got 10th in the P12 and won a prime. The day started off with my kids bake sale at Bay to Breakers. Good thing no nudist came up to buy the cookies, but as usual there were lots of them. Then afterwards I took my daughter to her ballet recital, where I quickly caught some zzzs before the night time race. Basically, the SV race had the same fast racers from Cat’s Hill but the results were completely reversed from the day before. It was a sprinters race – fast and dangerous. We avg 29.5mph with a top speed of 39mph. It was dangerous b/c it was dark and you just couldn’t see. At the speeds we were going it was almost impossible to make a break stick so I simply just floated the race and took 1 prime just to open up the legs before the final few laps. With 6 to go, the Cal Giant train of 10+ riders simply strung out the field to control the race and lead out Reaney. It was awesome to watch, but it sucked for the rest of us solo sprinters who were left fighting to get Reaney’s wheel. Usually, I prefer to sneak in the last moment kinda like how you merge from Fell st. to the Octavia 101 exit – best to NOT signal and wait til the last moment to get in. But since it was really dangerous, it was safer to just ride top 10 for the final few laps, but the downside is I burnt a lot of energy doing this. I just kept hopping wheels (move up 5 spots, lose 4 spots) In the end, I lost my position on the backside/darkside of the course, and never got into position for the win. I passed a few riders riders who faded in the final run in. But the real sprint was going into turn 3, then you simply hold your position from there for the most part. BTW, too many riders just take too many risk. In the end, I’m happy to drive home with $100 + prime + plus my life since too many riders are taking too many risk (not worth it). That was yet another nervous twilight race.

All in all, I’m glad to kick off the racing with the team and I’m looking forward to racing more with all. Seems like we have some up and coming riders that will be helpful in the 12 races. The more teammates the better the odds, just ask CalGiant, who regularly stacks the fields with at least 10 riders. Odds are usually in their favor.

PS. I love the kit. I feel like the Dark Night wearing it (esp. during SV twilight) and have had a lot of compliments on it. Best,