Smith Pivlock V2 Sunglasses

By Brandon Trafton

Simply a great product. Sunglasses are not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to a cyclists uniform, but they provide the very important roll of protecting a set of very vulnerable organs, the eyes! Proper eyewear should not only protect your eyes from UV damage, but from the random projectiles launched by your riding companions tires. I am sure many can recall that large thud given off when a rock hits that precious S-Works paint job, one of those to the eye will turn an awesome ride into a bad day pretty quickly.

There are 3 features to the Pivlock V2 sunglasses that I particularly find noteworthy:

First and foremost, the lack of peripheral vision obstruction. Smith Pivlock sunglasses have no solid edges, leaving your peripheral vision range unobstructed. I find this absolutely crucial when I am racing handlebar to handlebar on a narrow technical circuit. The last think I want when I am racing, is a large piece of plastic obstructing my sight when I am in O

debt trying to out maneuver though 100 guys on the final lap of a criterium.

Secondly, the weight of the glasses You can hardly notice them on your face, but they are surprisingly secure. There is often a compromise, the lighter the glasses the less secure they are on your head. Fortunately, Smith found a great balance.

Lastly, they just look good. The Pivlocks accent the clean, fast and light concepts of road cycling. We roadies want everything to be lighter and more aero, which these lenses compliment well.

Eye protection on the road is a must, because as the saying goes, “it is always fun until someone gets their eye pocked out.” How do you make sure you remember to wear eye protection? Easy, get a pair of really cool sunglasses, like the PIVLOCKS.