Specialized S-Works Prevail Helmet: Cool, Comfortable and Safe

By Shawn Rosenthal Coolness:

Thermoregulation is one of the most important aspects to consider during an endurance event in the summer sun.  Your head is one of your body's radiators.  Keeping it cool is essential.  This helmet is made with massive vents to channel cooling air.  Lots of air.

When I get to the start line of a warm, sunny race and I see others wearing a closed vent aero road helmet and a thick, dark skinsuit, it cracks me up.  I'll stay cool in my mesh white jersey and vented helmet.


Years ago, I remember switching from one of my old helmets to one of the new Bell helmets.  What a world of difference it made having a helmet that simply disappeared out of thought once I put it on.  The Specialized Prevail sits yet another step up. I got the same impression when I went out riding for the first time with it.  It feels like I am not even wearing the helmet.  This is accomplished by two characteristics.  First, the helmet fits to your head perfect with a minimalistic, padded frame, holding the actual structure of the helmet away from your head.  Second, the helmet is a featherweight.


Yes, the helmet protects the head.  We got a chance to crush one in the testing labs.

This one far exceeds the required safety requirements and is one of the safest helmets on the market.  It utilizes a large amount of lower density polystyrene on the sides, allowing the helmet to crumple a greater distance for a lower pulse upon impact.  They've achieved the ability to use lower density polystyrene through their kevlar internal skeleton.

This is one component under appreciated that will make you feel better and enjoy your ride more.

Shawn is the 2013 NorCal District Road Race Champion. He lives in Berkeley, CA and run his own cycle coaching business: http://www.provantagesports.com.