Team Mike's Bikes 2011 NCNCA Standings

Team Mike's Bikes 2011 NCNCA Standingshttp://

Overall Team Points 32th out of ~75 Teams

Team Points/Category Elite 1/2 Team Points 10th out of 30 Teams

Elite 3 Team Points 2nd out of 45 Teams

Elite 4 Team Points 19th out of 46 Teams

Individual Men's Category Points Elite 1/2 Points 23rd Rainier Schaefer out of 248 Riders 53rd Stephen O'Mara 88th Tyler Dibble 216th Nole Studley

Elite 3 Points 1st Keven Bricknell out of 360 Riders 22nd Henry Scholz 64th Ryan Johnson 74 Paul Ngo

Elite 4 Points 64 Ryan Johnson out of 377 Riders 74 John Becker