Team Mike's Bikes Welcomes Daniel Velasco!

After loosing Nole Studley and Maurice Monge to injury for what is looking like the end of the 2011 season, Team Mike's Bikes welcomes Cat 4 phenom Daniel Velasco to its squad.

"This is my first year racing officially. I started racing cyclocross this past season. I raced two B's races and decided after those to make the move to the A's. It was a lot of fun and racing with the fast guys really helped me improve more quickly. My first road race was San Bruno and after that I took advantage of the Early Bird Crits/Clinics to get the points I needed for my upgrade. I raced my first 4's race last Saturday in Monterey (Central Coast Circuit)."

Daniel placed 1st in his category at the 2011 San Bruno Hill Climb with the third fastest time of day 15:50.3 only being beat by Nate Enlgish of yahoo! and Chris Phipps of Iron Data/Thirsty Bear. He then went on to complete the early birds and place 2nd at the Early Bird Criterium getting his upgrade to Cat 4. At his first Cat 4 race, a Central Coast Circuit Race, Daniel placed 1st and got 2nd this past weekend at the Santa Cruz Classic Criterium.

"My main goal is to continue developing my fitness as best I can. I am looking into learning more about how best to train and get the most out of cycling. I want to be riding hard and racing well but I want to be smart and take my time as needed. My goal has been to upgrade to category 2 this season but gaining experience and racing/riding smart are my first priorities."

Daniel will be racing at Copperopolis this weekend in the Category 4 with John Becker. Watch out for those giants!