TMB Development Camp: Headlands Games - GoPro Video

The purpose of this team development camp was to establish the foundation for a successful 2013 team campaign. We worked on the team's collective emotional intelligence, strengthen our trust in each other, improved our communication, discussed effective leadership, and exhibited commitment to our team's goals and core values.

It was cold and raining and yet we all had a blast. If the attitudes and camaraderie from the team development camp is any indication for the upcoming season, then we are poised for great results in 2013.

This has the makings of a truly great team. It's going to be a fun 2013 race season!!

2013 Roster:

Steve Pelaez, Dana Williams, Hank Scholz, James LaBerge, Travis Lyons, Marcus Smith, Nick Newcomb, Andy Goesling, Daniel Holloway, Roman Kilun, Ryan Johnson, Steve O'mara, Eric Riggs, Shawn Rosenthal, and Rainier Schaefer.