Town Center Criterium

It was 90 degrees and we were in a parking lot..wait..I mean town center of El Dorado Hills. The course formed a bell shape with many turns and a two block section that rose slightly. With my teammates away winning at Sea Otter, I was left to my own devices. Half-way through the race Peter Graf (Fremont Bank Cycling Team) was alone off the front and a teammate of his was swerving back and forth across the road at the head of the peloton. That was weird so I attacked and bridged to Peter with Chuck Hutcheson (Marc Pro-Strava), Joshua Carling (Michael David Winery Cycling Team), and Peter Knudsen (Team Clover). We cooperated well and held a twenty to thirty second gap to the field, saving the shenanigans for the last couple laps. The five of us finished the race ahead of the chasing peloton with Peter Graf first and myself second. See the rest of Jim Elder’s photographs here.