Zealios Sun Barrier: We Use it to Protect Our Skin and Maintain Performance

By Adam Switters Although many cyclists manage to get more tan than cast members of the Jersey Shore, it comes with the unwanted side effect of multiple hours in the sun everyday. It’s about time we started to protect our skin and that’s why Team Mike’s Bike p/b Incase is proud to be sponsored by Zealios Sun Barrier.

Along with preventing skin cancer, wearing Zealios Sun Barrier is also performance enhancing; it reduces radiant heat absorption and keeps your body cooler. Zealios Sun Barrier is made for athletes. It’s oil free and isn’t greasy like a lot of sunscreens out there. It’s sweat resistant meaning you’ll still be burn free 4 hours into your long ride. It even has anti-oxidants to help absorb free radicals!

We use Zealios Sun Barrier because we know it’s the best and you should too.