Winters Crit Report (2nd, 3rd, and 5th) - Nice work!

I'm sure that collectively we were off the front of the race 98% of the time.  Whether it was Shawn and I away for a few laps, or Keven attacking, or the infatiguable O'mara soloing for many laps (yes, o'mara decided to grace us in a crit =), or Rainier attacking constantly in the closing laps, we rode great as a team.  I'm really happy with how we rode together.  It was a lot of fun. However, I couldn't close it out in the sprint.  I feel horrible about this after everyone's great work.   I got brake checked into the last corner and came to an almost standstill in the sprint, and Sam Bessetti, took the win.   He was a deserving winner though. We threw everything at him including the sink and he countered every move and still had the juice to sprint.  We're all really impressed with this kid.

The race kicked off with Shawn going on an attack, followed by O'mara, then myself, and then Shawn and I, etc.   Eventually, O'mara got away again and a chase of 4 riders with Rainier covering went in pursuit of O'mara.    2 laps later, I jumped my group and bridged solo up to the lead group.   Once I linked up to the lead riders, we had 3 MB in a  6 man break.   Great odds.   And then O'mara took over and just kept going on solo attacks.   The others would catch him and we'd drop him for a lap, and then he'd come back and take off again.   It was impressive on a technical course and an oppressively hot day especially for us heat deprived San Franciscans.   Eventually, we all lapped the field and this is were it got a bit messy.   Other riders, pretty much got in the way and were chasing any break away attempts we tried in the closing laps.  I'm really not sure what the rules are regarding these, but I felt that lapped riders shouldn't interfere with the lead riders.  But that wasn't the case.  C'est La Vie

Top 10 things we overcame today:  It's almost comical, really: 10.  Packing 4 bikes and wheels in a bmw wagon with only 2 bike racks 9.  2 Tubular Flats before the race starts 8.  Broken wheel 7.  Broken Seat Collar - ironic since the guys were talking about this on the drive up. 6.  Crash - Poor Rainier 5.  100+ degree weather 4.  Lapped field getting in the way of the finish 3.  Stumbling Drunks by the Mike Bikes SF 2.  "Got moves like Mic Jagger" Song 1.  Drumrolll…….Both rear Hubcups launching off the beater car in front of us on the bridge.

All that and we're still alive and had fun.

See you all next Sunday at Districts.  The last crit of the season.

Best, Steve