Zipp Wheel Review

by Adam Switters Team Mike’s Bike p/b Incase is very lucky this year to be sponsored Zipp, the fastest wheels out there on the market. Riders are using Zipp 101 clinchers for training and Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon clinchers for racing.

Zipp 101’s

The Zipp 101’s are the perfect training wheel. My 25mm tires fit perfect on them and they are bombproof for my not-always-considered-pavement training rides. They handle superbly and aerodynamics are not compromised for the sake of durability. The extruded aluminum rims are very sturdy and I’ve had no problem with braking, even in the rain.

Zipp 404 Firecrest Clinchers

These wheels just scream fast. Coming in at a scant 1525g for the pair, these wheels are light enough for the steepest of climbs and responsive enough for the most technical criteriums. The dimpled aerodynamic profile of the wheels makes it top of the class in aero performance among other carbon clinchers. New heat resistant resin on the braking surface also dissipates spikes in heat from hard braking as seen in other carbon clinchers. I’ve raced these wheels in some of the worst racing roads in California (Snelling and Madera) and they are still as true as the day I got them.