DOB: 5/28/1993

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 155lbs

What are you strengths as a rider? Sprinting and Criteriums

How did you become interested in cycling? My dad and I did a ride across the country for charity when I was 15. He had been racing for several years but I hadn't had a personal interest in the sport until I started training for this big charity event. I was too busy being bad at basketball and karate. Long story short: I learned that riding bikes is fun. A couple of weeks after getting back to California I did my first race in the juniors at the 4th of July Criterium in Davis.

What do you focus on and enjoy doing off the bike? Right now I'm working as a veterinary technician and preparing to apply to vet school in the fall.

Twitter: @garrett_hankins

Instagram: @garretthankins